Government listens: calls out Advance HE

Two weeks ago, a group of Common Sense Conservatives in Parliament wrote to the Education Secretary to warn about the ‘dangerous’ Racial Equality Charter programme which encourages ‘identity politics’.  They urged the Secretary of State to ban universities from joining the woke curriculum scheme.  You can download a copy of the letter here or read coverage in the Telegraph here.

Today, we learn that Government has listened and in lightning speed acted to call out universities considering joining.


In a letter to higher education providers in England, the Further and higher education minister Michelle Donelan asks them to consider carefully whether participation in Advance HE’s Race Equality Charter and Athena Swan is compatible with free speech and academic freedom principles – and whether the schemes represent value for money given an expectation that providers will improve efficiency.

She also rightly questions senior staff posts in this vein, asking providers to review whether "the creation of new, highly paid, management roles in these areas truly represent good value for money for taxpayers or students."

It's great to see Government listening to widely-held concerns and acting quickly.  Thank you for speaking out for free speech!



























A copy of the Minister's letter can be downloaded here.  And here is a list of the politicians who originally wrote to the Secretary of State:

Rt Hon. Sir John Hayes CBE MP

Rt Hon. Sir Edward Leigh MP

Tom Hunt MP

Lee Anderson MP

Scott Benton MP

Bob Blackman MP

Ben Bradley MP

Andrew Bridgen MP

Philip Davies MP

Nicholas Fletcher MP

James Grundy MP

Pauline Latham MP

Jonathan Lord MP

Andrew Lewer MP

Karl McCartney MP

Craig McKinley MP

Robin Millar MP

Henry Smith MP

Sir Desmond Swayne MP

Martin Vickers MP

Baroness Eaton

Baroness Nicholson

Lord Horam

Lord Hodgson

Lord Lilley

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